Can You Drive A Rental Car Out Of Portugal And How To Do It?

Planning a trip with a rental car can be an exciting and convenient way to enjoy your journey. However, taking your rental vehicle across the border can have specific rules and regulations. You should be aware of the dangers of taking your rental car out of Portugal. Therefore, make sure you read all the guidelines to ensure that you have a seamless journey.

In this article, we are going to provide you with the essential details about driving a car out of Portugal. So you can travel across the line confidently and without any inconvenience. Let's explore the factors that can come into play in your journey of renting a car to travel out of Portugal.

What Do You Need To Rent A Car In Portugal?

Renting a car in Portugal is totally based on your travel needs. If you are considering exploring small towns and rural areas of Portugal, then renting a car is a good choice for you. There are plenty of beautiful places and hidden gems in Portugal. They are not accessible by public transportation. In order to make your journey a full adventure, rental cars are the best fit for your trip.

Is It Possible to Drive a Rental Car Outside Portugal?

Most of the companies allow you to travel outside the state with few restrictions. This offers great flexibility and convenience to first-time and family visitors. However, it is important to check all the guidelines, rules, and policies associated with it. You may have to sign some extra fees while renting a car for border crossing.  

Can You Rent A Car And Drive To Different Countries In Europe?

Driving across the border is fine as long as you are following all the guidelines. In some countries, there can be a restriction on the number of days you can stay. On the other hand, you may have to pay some extra fees to cross the border.

Some countries also have policies regarding the days you are allowed to use a rental car. However, some of the companies may offer certain models of vehicles that are not allowed to cross the border. For example, if you book a high-value car, there are many chances you won't be able to cross the border.

Essential Tips for Renting a Car Outside of Portugal

Renting a car in Portugal is no longer a tedious job. Many rental car agencies are operating in Portugal and around Europe. You can book your car with just one click now. However, there are a few important things that you need to take care of before renting a car outside of Portugal.

A Cross-Border Fee: What Is It?

Cross-border fees are charges that you pay when taking a rented car across the border. It provides you with the additional insurance required for you to cross the border line with a rental car.

The charges for crossing the border depend on different factors. For example, other car rental agencies charge distinct fees for different border crossings. Some of the car rental agencies will not offer this service at all. So, if you are thinking of renting a car to various states within Europe, cross-check the company's policies about renting cars.

It is important to let the rental car agency know about your plans in advance. In this way, you can prepare the documents required to cross the state lines from country to country.

What Is The Cross-Border Fee In Europe?

The charges for renting a car across borders can vary. It will depend on the car agency you hire and the types of borders you want to cross. However, you can expect to pay around  £20-40.

Some of the countries in Europe don't charge fees to cross the border. But still, many of them cost you some money. For example, if you travel around western and eastern Europe, you are most likely to pay the charges. If you are planning to cross different borders, you must inform your rental company about your plan. Some of the car rental agencies charge per border, and some charge according to your entire plan.

Things You Need To Cross The Border In Rental Cars

It is important to carry all your documents whenever you are travelling to different countries. Documents such as your licence, passport rental documents, insurance documents, and the International Driving Permit (IPD).

There are two types of borders in Europe. One is a soft border, where you don't have to show any passport or anything else. The other one is a hard border. You have to show all the documents, including your passport and driving licence. Moreover, you will be asked to provide the documents from the car rental agency to get your permit to travel across the border.

Leaving a Rental Car in Another Country

Planning to move between different countries by renting a car? Then, there are fewer chances that you will drive back to the country where you rented the car. This can be the case with many of the travellers. In this case, you should consult with your company to see if they provide one-way rentals. However, it can be more expensive, so remember to adjust your budget accordingly.

Ready to explore Portugal and other states?

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Renting a car in Portugal to explore its cities and neighbouring states can be a fantastic experience. You can plan your trip at your own pace. However, there are some additional conditions you need to keep in mind while crossing the borders. Also, remember to inform your rental car agency about your plans to explore different states. They can guide you through the documents and necessary paperwork you may need to cross borders.