QH Rent A car is a self-drive car rental company which is was founded in the year 2022. Aiming to provide excellent and seamless rental services to customers in Lisbon Portugal. We offer the most complete and latest fleet in the market, which consists of a wide variety of different types of vehicles, from family cars to SUVs, hybrid and convertibles. There are both automatic gear and manual gear vehicles available for rental. All our fleet is modern and brand new direct from the leading major car manufacturers. We aim to able to renew our fleet every year which is essential to be able to provide the latest models available in the market at the best value for money to our customers.

We at QH Rent A Car aim and want to keep on accompanying you in your journeys, therefore hopefully we aim to expand to other cities in Portugal and expand into other countries in Europe.


  1. Additional Driver

We at QH Rent A Car offer the option of having an additional driver while renting the vehicle. It provides you to take turns to get behind the wheel, so everyone gets the chance to explore Portugal and take a nap. Furthermore, you can add additional driver any time during your trip, this can be done by contacting our customer service. The number of additional drivers depends on the size of the vehicle.

  1. Full Tank Option

We provide a full tank option which can make it a lot easier for you to enjoy and explore Portugal from day one of your trip. In this option it allows you to pay for the gas up front, so you don’t have to repay us later or refill the tank when returning the car.

  1. GPRS System

We provide GPRS system which can be brought on a daily, if your new to Portugal and want to explore, this is a great option. As it will be easier to navigate through the country. Using one of these is very helpful and means you can reach your hotel with ease, travel to nearby attractions without get lost in the city.

  1. Toll System

You can hire a Via Verde transponder device to drive around Portugal. If you have plans to travel around Portugal, we recommend that you hire a Via Verde transponder device for your car. In this case you can forget about the toll system in Portugal and any possible fines and enjoy your journey with total peace of mind.

Collection & Return of the Car

  1. Collection of the car

Once you have collected your luggage, please come out of the arrivals hall and cross the first zebra crossing where you can wait for the QH Rent A Car shuttle bus which comes every 15-30 minutes. The courtesy shuttle service is a free service which is provided at your disposal for you to travel to our office for the collection of your vehicle. The service may suffer delays due to reasons which are out of control of the company. You may contact our customer service number on +351 910 135 044 for any inquiries about the shuttle service.

  1. Documents required for collection:

  1. Office Hours & Collection

QH Rent A Car is open from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm. We are still able to provide the collection of the car after our working hours at an additional cost of 40 Euros.

  1. What if your flight is delayed

In case if your flight is delayed, you must provide QH Rent A car with a valid flight number so that we can be aware of any delays. Moreover, you can notify us by contacting our customer service number or by sending an email to qhrentacar@gmail.com. We will be able to only hold your reservation for a maximum of 12 hours. In case of any delay, collection of the vehicle can vary depending on availability. If you have a confirmed booking before 23:00 hours and your flight is delayed then you must notify the office of the late arrival. We will be able to wait for you at an extra charge of 40 Euros.

  1. Return of the Vehicle

When it is the end of your trip and time to return the vehicle, please bring it back to our office for the return. Once all the paperwork is done, the free shuttle bus service will be able to drop you back at the airport.

Contact Details of QH Rent A Car

Telephone: +351 910 135 044

Landline: will be provided once MEO install service

Website: www.qhrentacar.com

Email: qhrentacar@gmail.com