How Much To Rent A Car For A Week: Cost, Benefits, And Tips

Portugal's capital city, Lisbon, is a vibrant place that combines traditional and modern culture. If you are new to Lisbon, you can not visit it without a car.

There are numerous possibilities when renting a car in Lisbon. 

You may pick up all the information you require about rent a car lisbon airport, including where to go and how to get a decent rate, by reading this blog. 

Using our helpful guide, you may learn all there is to know about renting a car in Lisbon, Portugal.

Why Should You Rent A Car Lisbon Airport?

Various automobile rental firms are accessible at the airport for travellers who would rather drive themselves to the city centre. 

At the airport's help desk, you can get information on automobile rental services. For the airport, there are numerous automobile rental firms. 

The cost of renting a car varies depending on where you are going, but it costs 80 pounds per week on average.

Renting a car provides the best way to get to the city's centre because it allows you to visit the city's many neighbourhoods and attractions while still getting to your hotel.

How much does it cost to rent a car in Lisbon?

The cost of rent car Lisbon airport might vary depending on the type of vehicle, the rental agency, and the length of the rental. A rental car costs €10 per day on average in Lisbon. But costs can differ according to the kind of vehicle you rent, the season, and the rental agency you pick.

For example,  renting a larger or premium vehicle might be anywhere from €30 to €70 per day or more, while renting a compact automobile is often available for between €10 and €30 per day.

It is advisable to compare costs and obtain the most updated pricing from multiple rental companies. 

You will get a better deal by making your reservation early. Additionally, renting for a longer duration will reduce daily rates; renting a car for five days instead of three costs a little more.

Explore Lisbon's Wonders at Your Own Pace by Renting a Car

Benefits Of Rent Car Lisbon Airport In Advance

No matter where in the globe you intend to go on vacation, renting a car for the duration of your stay is a good idea. 

Major higher firms that run investment airports have websites where you can pay for and arrange your rental in advance, whether it is days, weeks, or even months before you go for your trip. 

A wide selection of rental automobiles is available, ranging from 2-person cars to those that can accommodate large families or groups of friends. 

You should be able to find any car you are looking for by simply exploring rental providers' websites in your area.

Additionally, you could reserve a vehicle by phoning the phone number of a certain rental car provider.

For the following reasons, you may focus more on enjoying your trip than worrying about transportation by making your vacation rental vehicle reservations in advance.


  • You Will Be Completely Free To Enjoy Your Surroundings However You Choose.


 If you have a temporary vehicle, you can explore the area where you are staying and travel further away. You also have complete control over how you want to spend your time there and how to plan your itinerary. You won't need to base your travel plans on bus or train schedules or wait for a taxi to transport you anywhere.


  • It May Be A More Affordable Option Than Taking The Bus Or Train. 


You will have to depend on trains, buses, taxis, and other local transit if you don't have a car while on vacation, and you need to go anywhere that is not within walking distance. The price of these trips can add up rapidly, and on some holidays, the total cost of all public transit may be higher than what you would have paid if you had reserved a rental car in advance.

  • By Making An Early Automobile Reservation, You Can Save Money

To discover the best steel, check and compare Lisbon airport car rental return companies online before your arrival. It may be less expensive to reserve the car before your vacation to Lisbon departs because higher car firms frequently desire to secure your business as soon as possible.

  • You Don't Have To Stress About Organising Your Transportation. 

Long-distance travel can be stressful, and tension can increase if you don't plan your rental car before leaving. After arriving at your location, you can experience long waits at the airport rental vehicle desk, which might ruin your holiday. You won't have to worry about this potential added burden if you rent car Lisbon Airport automobile in advance.

Things You Should Consider Before Rent Car Lisbon Airport

Here are some suggestions for finding Lisbon's most dependable car rental offers.

Check Out Your Preferred Automobile Rental Company

Consider utilising the same vehicle rental company in Lisbon if you have a preferred one at home. Otherwise, choosing a larger firm with more pickup and drop-off location options is preferable.

Spend some time comparing pricing and promotions to find a decent bargain. You may compare daily rental car costs by area, business, vehicle specifications, security deposit, and more with websites like QA Rent a Car.

To Save Money, Pick Smaller Sizes.

Instead of a truck or an SUV, pick the smallest alternative that will keep you comfortable if you don't want to waste much money on car rentals.

Check The Car

Check the vehicle for damage before you depart, noting even the smallest scratches on the rental agreement. Please take pictures of the wheels and the mileage metre when your car return Lisbon airport to show how it was returned.

Check The Mileage And The Fuel Policy

Most automobile rental agencies in Lisbon operate under the full-to-full principle, which states that you should car return lisbon airport the vehicle with a full tank to Lisbon airport car rental return. 

The full-to-empty policy may result in you returning a car with three-quarters of a tank of petrol you didn't use. Therefore, this is typically the best choice. 

Additionally, most rental car agencies in Lisbon don't have mileage restrictions, but you should verify their policy.

Pay In Advance

In addition to receiving a discount, paying in advance is cheaper for the rental company's collision damage waiver if you intend to obtain one. 

But watch out for cancellation charges. Pay money once your itinerary is confirmed and you have read the company's cancellation policy.

To Be Aware

Your credit card information might be requested as a deposit. Find out how much this deposit will be before you depart, and ensure you have enough money. 

Is It Challenging To Drive In Lisbon?

Driving in Lisbon could be challenging if you're not used to driving in cities. Here are some warning signs to watch out for:

Narrow Roadways: 

Many of the streets of Lisbon are small and winding, making it difficult for larger cars to manoeuvre through them.


Traffic in Lisbon's old district may be rather heavy during rush hour. Utilise a navigation app on your phone to see crowded streets and adjust as needed.

One-Way Streets:

Lisbon features a large number of one-way streets. Use a navigation app once more to locate the most efficient routes.


It might be challenging to find parking, especially in the historic centre of Lisbon, where spots are few in several neighbourhoods like Baixa, Chiado, and Alfama.

Driving Laws In Portugal, You Should Be Aware Of

  • Driving on the right side of the road and overtaking manoeuvres on the left.
  • Children under 12 require a child seat or booster seat, and you must always buckle your seatbelt.
  • Unless it is hands-free, using a phone while driving is prohibited. Learn to use voice commands.
  • The highest blood alcohol content (BAC) allowed in Portugal is 0.05%, whereas the legal limitation in the UK and most of the USA is 0.08%. As a result, Portuguese driving laws may be more powerful than those in your own country.

Find the Best Rental Car in Lisbon - Research around and Save

Visit Portugal Lisbon With Qh Rent A Car

QH Rent A Car is one dependable option when renting a car in Portugal. QH Rent A Car provides a hassle-free experience for your road trip excursions and has a reputation for outstanding service and a large selection of vehicles. 

To meet your needs, QH Rent A Car offers convenient locations and adaptable rental options, whether you are travelling to or from the bustling city of Lisbon. 

They have helpful and educated personnel to help you at every step of the rental process, guaranteeing a smooth transaction. 


The best way to discover Portugal's breathtaking scenery, quaint towns, and lovely coastline is to go on a road trip. Awareness of the necessities for renting a car in Portugal, particularly at Lisbon Airport, ensures your trip is seamless and pleasurable. 


Plan to reserve your car in advance and become comfortable with the rental process, including the car return policies at Lisbon Airport. 


Consider crucial elements like insurance coverage, traffic laws, tolls, and parking restrictions.


Why are there so many websites with so many varying prices? 

One automobile company may demand that customers pay 120 Euros for fuel up ahead. Others may charge you various costs upon arrival. Because not all offers are identical, even though they may appear comparable, we suggest all clients read all terms.

Are security deposits required by car rental businesses when renting a vehicle?

All automakers will demand a security deposit. Additionally, they will want a major credit card as payment for this security because they do not take cash or debit cards for security deposits.

Why are automobile rental deductibles and supplementary insurance policies different?

It varies per automaker and often goes with fleet age.