Lisbon in June 2024: Top Events Guide & Must Sees

Lisbon in June is a vibrant explosion of culture, festivities, and sunshine. June is no different from other months in Lisbon when it comes to celebrations. June has something for everyone, from historic celebrations to dance-worthy music festivals. This guide will highlight the must-see attractions and events that will make your trip to Lisbon unforgettable.

What's Happening In Portugal In June?

These are a few of the most thrilling events that Lisbon has to offer in June.

Feasts and Festivals:

Santos Populares & Santo Antonio (Festa de Santo António) - June 1st to 13th:

Lisbon's atmosphere is so vibrant during this two-week celebration. Parades, sizzling open fires, and traditional grilled sardines (sardines asanas) bring life to the streets. Do not forget to wear a plastic coroa de manjerico or basil flower crown and tap your feet to the upbeat music.


Portuguese National Day (Dia de Camões) - June 10th:

Portugal's national day honors literary legend Luís de Camões. Museums frequently offer free admission, and there are parades and cultural events throughout the city.

Rock in Rio Lisbon (Rock in Rio Lisboa) - June 15th-16th & 22nd-23rd:

Fans of pop and rock can greatly enjoy this festival. This legendary music festival brings world-renowned musicians to Lisbon for a weekend of electrifying performances.

Classical Music and Beyond:

Festival de Sintra (Sintra Festival) - All June:

Take a short train ride from Lisbon in June or rent a car to the breathtaking Sintra Hills. In this place, this month-long festival takes place. Moreover, you can spend most of your time in the world of classical music. Every kind of music is available for you to find there. For instance, you can find everything from moving orchestral presentations to private chamber pieces. 

Important Places to Visit In Lisbon:

  • Jerónimos Monastery (Mosteiro dos Jerónimos): This Manueline architectural masterpiece is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Many tourists come here to see the ornate tombs of Portuguese explorers. This may include Vasco da Gama strolling through the cloisters and examining the intricate carvings.
  • Belém Tower (Torre de Belém): Belém Tower is a famous tower guarding the mouth of the Tagus River. It is a reminder of Portugal's age of discovery. It has stunning stonework and pictures of the courageous adventurers who sailed from this location centuries ago.
  • São Jorge Castle (Castelo de São Jorge): Explore this legendary castle by climbing the hill and enjoying the breathtaking views of Lisbon. Wander around the archaeological ruins and investigate the ramparts to learn more about Lisbon's fascinating past.
  • Tram 28:  Experience the iconic yellow Tram 28, a funicular tram that travels through the quaint neighborhoods of Lisbon. Admire the breathtaking landscape, discover Lisbon's history, and you might even find some hidden gems.
  • Time Out Market Lisbon: This bustling market is a gourmet haven. You can enjoy mouthwatering Portuguese specialties from a variety of vendors under one roof. There is something for every palate, from traditional pastries to fresh seafood.

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Day Trips Departing from Lisbon:


Want to get away from the bustle of the city? Take a day trip to the quaint town of Sintra, which is tucked away in the hills. You can enjoy the refreshing mountain air and stroll through the charming Pena Park. Moreover, this place also allows you to explore the Pena National Palace with its fantastical architecture.

Cascais & Estoril:

Travel the coast to see the quaint towns of Estoril and Cascais. Discover the vibrant waterfront and unwind on gorgeous beaches. Moreover, you can also explore the area's fascinating history as a World War II refuge for European royalty.

Planning Your Lisbon Trip in June:

  • Weather: June has pleasant, sunny days and refreshing nights. Bring a light jacket for the evenings, comfortable shoes for exploring, and lightweight, breathable clothing.
  • Accommodation: Make sure to reserve your lodging well in advance, particularly for holidays and popular times of the year. Lisbon has a range of accommodations, including affordable hostels and charming boutique hotels.
  • Transportation: Lisbon boasts a sophisticated public transportation system. If you want to ride the tram, bus, and metro unlimitedly, think about getting a Lisboa Card. 
  • Costs: Lisbon is typically one of the more affordable European cities. However, prices may go up during holidays and busy times of the year. To create a reasonable budget, do some early research on the cost of activities and lodging.
  • Lisboa Card: Think about getting a Lisboa Card. This pass provides unlimited public transportation travel in addition to free admission to a number of museums and attractions. It is a reasonably priced choice if you intend to visit multiple sites and take public transportation frequently.
  • Eating Out: Savor mouthwatering meals without going over budget. Discover reasonably priced traditional Portuguese food at neighborhood tasks. Choose lunch menus (diárias) to get a full meal for a set cost. Stock up on groceries for inexpensive picnic lunches at nearby markets.

Lisbon in June provides a rich tapestry of sights, activities, and cultural encounters. You can make an amazing trip full of sunshine and delectable food. Moreover, you can experience fascinating cultural experiences with a little bit of last-minute planning and thoughtful organization. Of course, the freedom of a rental car in Lisbon from QH Rent A Car will provide you with a seamless journey.