Rock in Rio Lisboa 2024: Event Guide & Tips

Lisbon is the heart of Portugal. It never fails to amaze and entertain its visitors. The city is full of culture, traditions, and festivals. Rock in Rio is also one of the greatest festivals held in the city of Lisbon. It is one of the grand musical festivals held in June. Many big celebrities perform at this event, which makes it more attractive for the audience.

The Rock in Rio festival is quite popular, and people around Europe join this festival. It is a great way to bring people together from near and far. In this guide, you will examine every detail required for the event.

Overview of the Event 

Rock in Rio has quickly gained audience attention in the music festival calendar. The festival is held at Parque da Bela Vista and continues for several days. It showcases a wide range of music categories, like rock, pop, and electronic music. This is an ideal place for music lovers to experience big names and international stars in the industry. Moreover, you can also discover new local talent and music tastes in a dynamic setting.

Rock in Rio is not just a music festival; it is much more than that. You will find different cultures and traditions in their celebration. You will find amusement park rides, art stalls, and community engagement at various events. This festival is a true picture of Lisbon's traditions and the love of its people. This event is now the hub for music lovers. It is drawing more and more enjoyment from all over the world each year.

History of Rock in Rio Lisboa

Rock in Rio started in Brazil in 1985. It was the time when the country was becoming a democracy. At that time, this event was considered a big deal because it was the first time South America had hosted such a large music festival.

Rober Medina was the person who started this event. He didn't follow any specific rules. He just had his ideas and made it work out. This festival gained so much popularity that they opened another one in Lisbon, Portugal, in 2004. In 2024, they are going to celebrate their 10th anniversary in Lisbon.

Rock in Rio is known for organizing the event in a safe and caring environment. They always try to bring something new every year. This will grab the attention of more people and allow them to enjoy the festival as an unforgettable experience.

How to Get to The Portuguese Music Festival

The Rock in Rio is 10 km away from the main city center in Lisbon. If you have lots of energy and want to explore the city, you can walk all the way to the festival. However, you can also book a car and explore more places at the convenience of your vehicle.

Depending on the location, you can decide the option that best suits you. You can also use the travel metro, take the red line, and drop off at the nearest stop to the festival, Moscavide Metro.

Rock in Rio Lisboa 2024 Main Highlights

Rock in Rio is one of the biggest music festivals, not only in Lisbon but also in the whole country. The event will last for 4 days in a park called Parque Tejo. You will be able to see different music varieties, including pop, rock, indie and electronic. Moreover, many international stars and artists will perform at the event, which makes it very special for its attendees.

The festival will have the following different areas for different things.

World Stage: This is where you will watch famous international musicians perform at the event.

Electronic Tent: Different DJs will be performing at these tents. It is a place to enjoy and dance if you like to have fun with music.

Hot Stage: This stage will provide you with all the upcoming bands and alternative music.

Radical Space: If you want to have some fun and experience adventure, then this place is for you. You can try snowboarding here.

Kids Space: This area has activities for the kids to keep them busy and entertained.

Apart from the activities mentioned above, there will be more fun, such as in the garden area, with other fun things to do during the day. To sum this up, this festival has something for everyone: great music, activities, and fun.

Who Will be Performing at The Rock in Rio Lisbon 2024

Many international stars and musicians are going to perform at the biggest music festival in South America, Rock in Rio. The main highlight of this event this year is that Ed Sheeran is going to perform on the stage at Rock in Rio this summer.

Many other big celebrities are also performing at the event, such as Calum Scott, Jão, Fernando Daniel, Lukas Graham, Jake Bugg, Diego Miranda, Carolina De Deus, Lauren Spencer Smith, Iñigo Quintero, Capitão Fausto, and Neyna.

How Much Are Tickets For Rock In Rio?

The cost of a one-day ticket to Rock in Rio is 85 euros for the Portuguese music festival.

How to Buy Rock in Rio Tickets?

Are you thinking of attending the Rock in Rio event this year (2024)? Here is an easy way to grab your tickets without any hustle. Following are some ways through which you can book your tickets for the event.

Online: booking your ticket from the official website of Rock in Rio is the most convenient option for you.

In-person stores: You can also grab your tickets from any Worten store in Portugal.

At the festival: There is also an official seller in Parque Tejo. If you are already there, you can grab your ticket from them as well.

You can choose the best method that works for you.


To sum it up, Rock in Rio will be one of the greatest summer music festivals in Lisbon in 2024. It lasted for 4 days with a wide range of music, from pop and rock to electronic music. Furthermore, it also features both big international stars and upcoming local artists. There are even amusement rides and fun activities for children as well as for adults.

If you are looking for fun and unforgettable experiences, then Rock in Rio Lisboa would be the perfect place for you. Please book your tickets online or purchase them from the Worten store in Portugal. If you are looking to explore more festivals and places in Portugal, then renting a car would be the best choice for you. So, without any further delay, book your tickets for the holiday and have the best summer trip ever.