Unlocking the Perks of Long-Term Car Rentals for Your Portuguese Stay

Do you know why you are staying in Portugal longer than expected, or do you plan a lengthy vacation there? 

Whatever the reason for your trip, renting a car is unquestionably the best and safest way to spend your time in Portugal comfortably. Although renting a car for the day seems simple, it can also be costly and annoying. You will learn a more practical and affordable option: long-term vehicle rental.

A long-term car rental: what is it? A long-term rental agreement allows the renter to rent a car for an extended time—up to a month, depending on the circumstances. Customers with extended travel plans frequently opt for long-term car rentals because they are typically less expensive and remove the need to rent a car daily while visiting Portugal. Data from the international car-hire comparison website shows that 12,646 seven-day reservations were made for the holiday season, more than three times the 3,826 reservations every year..

Renting a car in Portugal may be the best option to travel outside Lisbon and Porto because it will allow you complete freedom over where and when you go. Driving and renting a car in Portugal are very simple if you know what to look for.

Portugal Long-Term Automobile Rental Offers

Portugal has several car rental companies that provide affordable long-term car rentals. Whether you need to rent a car for one month, two months, three months, six months, a year, or any length of time in between, you can find a wide range of long-term deal types in Portugal at some of the main locations, such as Lisbon, Faro, Porto, etc. with the supplier of your choice. 

Are you trying to find a cheap monthly car rental somewhere in Portugal?

It is where you'll find the solution. Enter the specifics of your journey into the booking engine and start searching. A list of the offers available in Portugal will be shown to you. Examine your options and reserve a vehicle that satisfies your needs.

Are you prepared to tour Portugal while enjoying the liberty of a long-term rental? Find reasonable choices and make your car reservation right now! 

Popular Portugal Car Rental Locations

Hiring a car is a very convenient way for visitors to Portugal who intend to stay for a long time to move around freely, comfortably, and with privacy guaranteed. Renters can choose from various convenient car rental locations in Portugal, whether they arrive at the airport or train station. It makes it easier for them to select a pick-up or drop-off location. It makes one-way car rentals possible and allows you to organise thrilling road trips in Portugal's breathtaking scenery, like 

  • Faro to Lisbon 
  • Lisbon to Seville
  • Porto to Lisbon, and so on.

How to Rent a Cheap Long-Term Vehicle in Portugal


  • Reserve a Seat in Advance


Booking a car well before your trip is the best way to get a better rental deal in Portugal, whether renting it for a month or longer. That's one of the simplest ways to get a more favourable and affordable deal. Strive to hire your ride at least a week before your visit; do so before the last minute.


  • Go for an Economy Vehicle


Whether travelling alone or with a small group, renting an economy car will help you save more money. Portuguese suppliers offer various reasonably priced vehicles, including compact, economy, and mini cars. You will also save fuel costs because these car models typically consume less.


  • Select the Appropriate Platform to Reserve on


Choosing the best platform can be challenging because many car rental service providers are on the market. However, our goal is to make things easier for you. Portugal Rental Cars is an intuitive and responsive platform that facilitates users' comparison of offers from various companies and helps them identify the most affordable long-term car rental options. You can also reserve an offline rental car for Portugal with Portugal Rental Cars. You can contact their round-the-clock customer service if you are still looking for the type of car, supplier, or deal you are looking for.


  • The Deal Is Cheaper the Longer It Takes


One of their best features is that long-term rentals are typically less expensive than daily or short-term rentals. In actuality, the price drops the longer you rent the car. Suppliers offer a range of deals at competitive prices, from one-month and three-month rentals to six-month and twelve-month rentals.


  • Duration Of Car Rentals


Rental cars are normally billed for 24 hours, so if you pick one up at 10 a.m. on day one and return it at 11 a.m. on day two, you will have to pay for two days.

Choose your pick-up and drop-off times wisely to avoid this. Additionally, especially in smaller cities, you should confirm rental offices' opening hours away from airports. Many close at 7 or 8 p.m. on weekdays and at 1pm on Saturdays for the remainder of the weekend. If you cannot return your car before they close, you may have to pay an additional fee or keep it until the next business day.


  • One-Way Rentals Of Cars And Various Drop-Off Sites


Even though one-way rentals are advertised as being free in Portugal, the truth is that you will pay more, sometimes significantly more, if your drop-off location is different from your pick-up location—even if they are in the same city.

How to handle this situation: Make sure your itinerary makes a complete circle so you can use the same place for pick-up and drop-off. If necessary, compare the costs of taking public transport or taxis to and from the pick-up and drop-off locations to determine which option is most affordable and practical.


  • Continue to Compare


Comparing offers until you find the one that meets your needs is one of the keys to getting a better and less expensive rental car. Because rental costs can differ depending on several variables, including the supplier, the type of car, the location, and more, you should take your time comparing the offers using the appropriate platform to locate the ideal long-term rental car for Portugal.

Portugal's Long-Term Car Rental Eligibility Requirements


  • Ages


One of the most crucial requirements to be qualified for a rental car in Portugal is meeting the age requirement. In Portugal, 18 to 24 is the minimum age to rent a car, though this might change depending on the provider. Every company has a set age limit for the cars in their category. You can consult the supplier Rental Terms of the company you're thinking about renting a car from to learn more about this. When renting a car in Portugal, younger drivers may be required to pay an extra Young Driver fee.


  • Documents


Ensure you have the paperwork when picking up your rental car in Portugal. These include a current, original driver's licence, a Rental Confirmation Voucher, and a valid ID card or passport. If your country's driving licence does not use the Latin alphabet, some auto suppliers additionally demand an International Driving licence (IDL) in addition to the original driver's licence. The supplier Rental Terms contain instructions regarding the necessary documentation; you can review them to understand them better.


  • Credit Card


When renting a car in Portugal, it is imperative to have a credit card, which must be in the name of the primary driver. A certain amount is held as a security deposit with the credit card you give the supplier. The money is refundable and paid back when the rental car is returned.

Choose The Ideal Car For Your Journey, Whether It's A Family Holiday, A Weekend Getaway, Or A Business Trip. 

Portugal's Average Cost of Renting a Car

In Portugal, a car rental can cost as little as €4 to €5 per day, though this is a very basic option with many restrictions.

On average, a four-person small car with room for a large suitcase can be rented between €9 and €10 per day.

The cost can rise quickly if you want extra features like GPS, wifi, and other add-ons.

Rent Your Long-Term Rental Car With QH Rent A Car

Imagine yourself taking breathtaking drives, discovering undiscovered treasures, and setting out on life-changing experiences. Your travel fantasies can come true when you work with QH Rent A Car. You're sure to find the ideal vehicle for your needs, regardless of whether you're going on a business trip, a weekend getaway, or a family vacation.


Travelling by car is the ideal way to experience Portugal's stunning coastline, small towns, and breathtaking scenery. Understanding the car rental requirements in Portugal, especially at Lisbon Airport, will guarantee a smooth and enjoyable journey. 

Make reservations for your vehicle in advance and familiarise yourself with the rental procedure, including Lisbon Airport's policies regarding vehicle returns. 

Consider important factors such as insurance coverage, parking restrictions, tolls, and traffic laws.


In Portugal, What Kinds Of Cars Can I Rent?

Portugal's top choice is an economy car, which is small in size but big in benefits. They're easy to handle and park, which is ideal if you mostly drive in cities. These reasonably priced wheels will have you cruising around cheaply, and they have great mileage.

What Is The Minimum Age Requirement To Rent A Car In Portugal?

Drivers in Portugal must be at least eighteen years old to rent a car. Do you drive a young car? There might be a few limitations and surcharges. The term "young renter surcharge" refers to an extra charge that rental companies add to the cost of the car. Young people's access to certain car categories is frequently restricted. 

What Is Required In Portugal To Rent A Car?

The primary prerequisites are a legitimate driver's licence and a credit card bearing the same name. The majority of rental car companies will provide you with optional insurance. If you opt out, however, you might be required to present documentation of your other insurance. To prevent any problems, make sure to check with your rental agency.